Other ISWIM Workshops and Webinars

Besides the periodical International Conferences on WIM (ICWIM) and Regional Seminars on WIM (RSWIM) the International Society for Weigh-In-Motion also organises smaller events focused on a specific topic, application or user group. The objectives of these events are to:

  • provide an international forum for developments and experiences with WIM applications, technologies standards, research and policy,
  • present the latest developments and applications on WIM and facilitate the exchange of experiences between end-users, researchers and manufacturers
  • facilitate the meeting of manufacturers and users in an exhibition of WIM systems, sensors and related technologies,

These ISWIM Events are often part of a larger conference, seminar or exhibition in order to attract a more general audience and reach out to end-users that would not attend the International Conferences or Regional Seminars on WIM.

In the menu on the right you will find a list with all Events ISWIM has organised in the past years.

ISWIM Workshops and Webinars