Work in Progress

The Practitioners’ Guides listed below are currently under development:

  • Calibration of High-Speed WIM Systems
  • Selection of WIM Sites and Sensors
  • WIM Data for Enforcement
  • WIM Data for Pavement Engineering

Topics and Working Groups

The Editorial Board has approved the following topics for future Practitioners Guides with corresponding topical working groups.

WIM Sensor Selection Guidance2021Victor DolcemascoloJesus LealRish Malhotra, Tomas Pospisek,
Hans van Loo
Sensor Arrays for Different Applications2021Victor DolcemascoloJesus LealRish Malhotra, Tomas Pospisek,
Hans van Loo
Desired WIM Controller Functionality for Highway Applications2022Victor DolcemascoloJesus LealTomas Pospisek
Financing Decisions for the WIM Data Collection and Processing2023Victor DolcemascoloJesus LealAndy Lees, Hans van Loo,
Chris Koniditsiotis
Best practices in WIM Site Selection2021Victor DolcemascoloJesus LealRish Malhotra, Andy Lees,
Tomas Pospisek, Hans van Loo, Bernard Jacob
Best Practices in WIM Installation Quality AssuranceTBDTomas Pospisek
Practical Procedure for Calibrating High-Speed WIM Systems2021Andy LeesDebbie WalkerHans van Loo, Olga Selezneva,
Bernard Jacob
 WIM for Enforcement: Regulations and Challenges2022Bernard JacobAdriana AntofieRish Malhotra, Tomas Pospisek,
Hans van Loo
Best Practices in WIM Data Quality AssuranceTBDAndy LeesOlga SeleznevaHans van Loo, Bernard Jacob
WIM Data for Pavement Engineering2022Olga SeleznevaGustavo Otto, Jonathan Regehr,
Chris Koniditsiotis
WIM Data for Enforcement2022Bernard JacobAdriana AntofieVictor Dolcemascolo, Hans van Loo, Chris Koniditsiotis
WIM Data for Road SafetyTBDGustavo Otto, Jonathan Regehr, Bernard Jacob
Highway Freight MonitoringTBDJonathan RegehrChris Koniditsiotis, Bernard Jacob
WIM for TollingTBDRish Malhotra, Chris Koniditsiotis
WIM standards and testing proceduresTBDAdriana AntofieBernard JacobHans van Loo, Jonathan Regehr
On-Board WIMTBDChris KoniditsiotisGavin Hill