The International Society for Weigh-In-Motion is governed by three organs:

  • General Assembly;
  • ISWIM Board;
  • Executive Board;

The General Assembly consists of all individual and corporate members of ISWIM. The General Assembly generally meets during an International Conference on Weigh-In-Motion (ICWIM) every 3 to 4 years.

The ISWIM Board is elected by the General Assembly and consists of up to 15 members:

  • up to 11 members are elected by the General Assembly,
  • 3 members are elected by the Vendor’s College,
  • the Board may co-opt a further 4 members to include certain regions or stake holder groups provided the total does not exceed 15.

The Board elects an Executive Board made up of:

  • President
  • Vice President (Science)
  • Vice President (Vendors)
  • Treasurer
  • General Secretary
  • Information Officer

The Vendor College is represented by:

  • Chair: Andy Lees (Q-Free)
  • Tomas Pospisek (Kistler)
  • Rish Malhotra (IRD)

ISWIM may form Regional Groups to develop and support its activities and WIM in a continent or series of countries. The first regional group ISWIM Latin America has been founded in 2011 of the members from Central and South America.