ISWIM consists of Individual and Corporate Members

Individual Members

Individual members are people who are interested in WIM, or are doing testing, research or business relating to WIM. Members can be from public or private sector organisations. Membership of ISWIM is FREE for all individual members, just register on this website.

Corporate Members

Corporate members can be public or private organisations such as: governmental bodies (departments or divisions), universities, research or testing organisations and commercial companies (Vendors or Consultants).
Corporate Members support ISWIM through an annual fee depending on their size:

  • Large Corporate Members with more than 250 staff have 5 votes in the General Assembly,
    Annual fee: 600 €,
  • Small Corporate Members with up to 250 employees have 2 votes in the General Assembly,
    Annual fee: 400 €,
  • Consultant Members providing only consultancy services have 1 vote in the General Assembly,
    Annual fee: 50 €.
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