RSWIM3, South Africa, July 2022
3rd Regional Seminar on Weigh-In-Motion

LocationPretoria, South Africa
Date06-08 July 2022
OrganiserInternational Society for WIMSATCMikros Systems
ChairChris KoniditsiotisCo-chairsAndrew Houliston,
Hans van Loo
SARF, ITS South Africa
World Bank
Namibia Road Agency, TRAC,
Bakwena, N3-Toll Concession,
Cross Border Road Transport Agency
Major SponsorsCAMEA, Intercomp, IRD, Q-free, Syntell
# of Delegates75# of Papers15

You can see the individual presentations below:

——————————————————- Wednesday 6th  —————————————————————–

1. Opening Session: Optimising Road Freight Transport using WIM data

Chris Koniditsiotis (ISWIM): Welcome and Introduction of ISWIM

Nazir Alli (PIARC): Introduction PIARC

Louw Kannemeyer: Use of WIM data in South Africa

Hans van Loo (Corner Stone): International Developments in WIM

2. Technical Session 1: WIM for Direct Weight Enforcement

Bernard Jacob (UGE): Overload detection and mitigation in the world

Alta Swanepoel (ASA): Legal Framework in South Africa

Gustavo Otto (Labtrans): WIM for direct enfocement in Brazil

David Bétaille (UGE): WIM for Direct  Enforcement in France

3. End-User Session 1: Practical Applications of WIM

Rob Sik (MIKROS): 40 years of WIM in South Africa

Leonardo Guerson (INTERCOMP): Three different strategies of WIM for weight enforcement

Jan Fučík (CAMEA): A novel digital weighing sensor

4. Technical Session 2: Implementation of a WIM Network

Brendan Ezeanowi (IRD): Uganda virtual WIM project

Lucas Franceschi (Labtrans): Selection of WIM locations

Hans van Loo (Corner Stone): A hybrid implementation of WIM

——————————————————- Thursday 7th  —————————————————————–

5. Technical Session 3: Quality Improvement of WIM data 

Gerhard de Wet (Static Motion): Updated TT WIM Calibration Method

Bernard Jacob (UGE): Revision of the OIML R-134

Gustavo Otto (Labtrans): New correction model for HS-WIM systems

Olivier Quoy (Atlandes): Truck Silhouettes Analysis with WIM Data

6. Panel Discussion: WIM for Direct Weight Enforcement

Chair: Hans van Loo, Corner Stone International

Panelists: Michelle van der Walt, Mike Hellens, Gerhard de Wet,
Bernard Jacob, Carla Davis, Tom Kearney

7. End-User Session 2: Practical Applications of WIM

Thomas Greene (Q-FREE): Targeted enforcement using WIM for the DVSA

Brendan Ezeanowi (IRD): Continuous calibration of WIM systems

Matjaž Sokol (CESTEL): Use of portable SIWIM Bridge-WIM system

8. Special Interest Session: Self Regulation in Overload Control

Chris Koniditsiotis (TCA): Intelligent Access Program, Australia

Paul Nordengen (HVTTA): 4A-4 Nordengen RTMS

Loes Aarts (Rijkswaterstaat): Intelligent Access in Europe, Europe

9. Closing Session: Optimising Road Freight Transport using WIM data

Michelle van der Walt (SANRAL): Future of WIM in South Africa

Hans van Loo:  Conclusions and Closure