At the ISWIM General Assembly meeting on May 22nd, 2019 during the 8th International Conference on Weigh-In-Motion (ICWIM8) in Prague, Czech Republic Leonardo Guerson (Labtrans/UFSC, Brazil) introduced the idea for the ISWIM Practitioners Series. The general idea was for ISWIM to start publishing practical guidance papers to help WIM community on the use of Weigh-in-Motion systems.

During the annual meeting of the ISWIM Board on January 15th 2020, it was decided to start a pilot to produce a first WIM Best Publication on Calibration and a a procedure  on the development process. In January 2021, an Editorial Board (EB) was organized, led by Dr. Olga Selezneva (ARA, USA) and the WIM Best Publication Series name was updated to ISWIM Practitioners Guides Series to be more specific about the intended purpose of the guides and the target audience.

Benefits of Series:

All ISWIM members could benefit from the infomation included in the ISWIM Practitioners Guides Series:

  • End-users can use the ISWIM Practitioners Series to help ensure the adoption of appropriate strategies in the deployment of WIM systems and to prevent basic mistakes that compromises the operation of WIM systems and the trust in WIM data.
  • Researchers can use the ISWIM recommendations to build upon the findings that were previously achieved, and advance in the more appropriate use of WIM. Once the state of the art and practice are explicit, it is easier for researchers to make an effective contribution.
  • Vendors and Consultants: The guides support fair competition among vendors by providing examples of proven practices and testing protocols aimed to assure consistent and reliable performance of WIM systems. The recommendations may provide confidence to road owners and other stakeholders leading to a more widespread use of WIM.