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Why a WIM Users Guide?

Over the past decades, a vast amount of scientific and practical experience has been gathered on the development, installation and operation of WIM systems. However, these experiences often come in the form of technical scientific reports, which are typically not accessible or understandable to a novice user of WIM systems or data. They often lack the answers that a WIM user is looking for. Consequently, the ISWIM has decided to develop a document providing basic, yet a comprehensive introduction to WIM.

This document covers different aspects related to the working, specification, purchase, installation, testing, operation and maintenance of WIM systems, and the application of the data they produce. To enhance accessibility for users starting with WIM, these topics are described in an easy-to-understand language. This means that sometimes a simplified description is given that may not be completely in line with the latest scientific results. For those interested in more detailed and scientific explanations, references to these detailed reports are included.

The broad weigh-in-motion (WIM) community comprises three distinct stakeholder groups:

  • Users of WIM and the information it collects
  • Academics and researchers in WIM technology and its associated data
  • Vendors that provide WIM products and/or services

For these groups to work harmoniously necessitates an appreciation: common understanding, language and expectations of what WIM can deliver and under what circumstances.
A responsibility of the International Society for Weigh-In-Motion (ISWIM) is to better inform stakeholders to the use, myriad applications and appreciation of the information that is collected by WIM.

It had become evident to ISWIM that the need for a ‘user guide’ would benefit all stakeholders. Becoming an informed purchaser and user ensures that the delivered system and associated service meets the expected needs be they of a public or private organisation. Additionally, the provider or vendor of this system or service is able to develop and deliver a fit-for-purpose solution that explicitly meets the needs of their customer. I also invite academics and researchers to familiarise themselves with this user guide, in doing so to as a minimum permit them to see WIM and its applications from the ‘lens’ in which a user sees them.