There is no such thing as the best WIM system in the world.

It all depends on how and where you want to use the system(s).

In the selection of the WIM system that provides the best fit for your specific purpuse and condition the following five steps should be considered:

  1. Determine the application, including a description of the purpose, the way the WIM data will be used and what the requirements for the data are.
  2. Select the locations for the systems, based on the application, the traffic and pavement conditions, safety of the operation staff and the available facilities.
  3. Define the performance requirements for the systems and describe the procedures for testing and calibration of the systems.
  4. After selection of the best offer, monitor the installation. After installation, execute the test procedure and, based on its results, decide to accept the systems or not.
  5. Describe the use of the systems, including the collection, storage, quality monitoring and application of the WIM data.