The International Society for Weigh-In-Motion is a global non-profit organization, bringing together all stakeholders with an interest in WIM technology and data. Our members are users, researchers and vendors of WIM systems including systems in or under the road pavement, bridges, rail tracks and on-board vehicles.

The aims of ISWIM are to support:

  • Advances in Weigh-in-Motion technologies; and
  • The more widespread use of WIM systems and data.

This we do through:

  • Organisation of  international conferences, regional seminars, and workshops on WIM technology and applications.
  • Supporting international research and development projects on WIM.
  • Supporting the development of international standards relating to WIM and its applications.
  • Publication of papers and articles in international magazines and a periodical ISWIM newsletter.
  • Promotion of the application and use of WIM systems and data at exhibitions and trade fairs.
  • Providing a platform for discussion of all aspects of WIM.

Membership of ISWIM is free of charge for individual members.