ISWIM is producing a series of “Practitioners’ Guides” publications aimed to provide WIM practitioners, technicians, and end-users with a series of guides illustrating “best practices” about the various aspects of WIM technology and its applications.

I am happy to present the first publication in this series; the ‘Glossary of Terms’ with definitions of terms commonly used in the ISWIM best practices publication series. This document is designed to capture the different practices used around the world including some differences in definitions and terms that represent the rich spectrum of WIM practitioners.

Download: ISWIM_Glossary of Terms_pages_web

This glossary is a living document, published electronically by ISWIM and updated regularly; any comments or proposed changes to the definitions should be sent by email to: info@

This document does not circumvent any available standard WIM specifications, international standards or calibration procedure terminology.