I invite you to a key event which brings together two associations, ISWIM and HVTT Forum into one single international scientific conference experience. For more detailed information on the conference please download the First Announcement & Call for Abstracts and Draft Program

Welcome message from ISWIM President

The joint conference theme Technology Convergence 2023 – Setting the wheels in motion – Reimagining the future of heavy vehicles, roads and freight is relevant and timely. This relevance and timeliness acknowledge the impact of the convergence in technology within the sector in delivering concurrently improved productivity, safety and environmental outcomes.  Furthermore, these outcomes are being achieved by bringing the world of heavy vehicles and weigh- in-motion together.

I would like to thank the efforts of both Boards – ISWIM and HVTT Forum in their cooperation to work together in making this possible and importantly ensuring the focus is the ‘stakeholder delegate’ experience.

Traditionally, ISWIM international conferences are designed to address the broad range of topics related to on-road and in-vehicle weigh-in-motion technology, its research, installation and operation, and use across variable end-users.  These conferences are held every three to four years and as such represent milestone events in reporting and bearing witness to major advances in both the ability to collect mass information, and its use in better designing, maintaining, and operating infrastructure and transport networks.

As with our previous eight conferences, ISWIM underscores the importance of stakeholder participation and interdisciplinary collaboration.  It is particularly pleasing for me that the conference is being held in my country of Australia.  Australian governments and industry have worked over many years to increase the productivity and safety of heavy vehicle operations.  The collection and use of mass information has been a key enabler to achieving this and I know this will be showcased at the conference.

This joint conference along with the supporting exhibition promises to be a great event, providing a richer collaborative stage for both associations and all stakeholders.  I look forward to seeing you in Brisbane, Australia.  I kindly encourage you to submit abstracts in response to the Call for Abstracts.

Chris Koniditsiotis
President of ISWIM and Chair of the Organizing Committee.



I am delighted to invite you to be part of the joint conference of the HVTT Forum and ISWIM in Brisbane, Australia, in November 2023.

The decision to bring the HVTT17 and ICWIM9 together into a single conference builds upon the strong long-standing relationships between both organisations, and the support of our respective boards. It will also be the first time in fifteen years that the HVTT Forum and ISWIM have organised a joint conference, again with a focus on topics and subject areas which are of mutual interest to both organisations.

The theme of Technology Convergence 2023 – Setting the wheels in motion – Reimagining the future of heavy vehicles, roads and freight is intended to highlight the synergies between vehicle-based technologies and road-based technologies to deliver improved productivity, safety and environmental outcomes together.

As we emerge from the challenges of the last couple of years, there is a renewed focus on the future of road transport and supply chains, and how changes to traditional operating arrangements are being accelerated through the application of technology. The topics we’ve chosen for the joint conference are intended to showcase the very latest research, developments and thinking, and to help shape the future of heavy vehicles, freight, asset management and technologies.  The broader societal context in which this occur remains a key aspect of our work. After all, technology is a means – not an end in itself.

In response to the rapid pace of change occurring across the globe, new models of collaboration across disciplines are needed to meet the challenges that lay in front us. The joint conference is therefore a critical step in building lasting relationships, networks and working relationships that will position us well for the future.

The joint conference guarantees a rich spectrum of knowledge, contacts and experiences – as well as invaluable networking opportunities. To this end, I cordially invite you to lodge abstracts in response to the Call for Papers. Your contributions are the building blocks for the richness and quality of the program. We look forward to your submission, and I look forward to seeing you in Brisbane in November 2023.

Loes Aarts
Heavy Vehicle Transport & Technology (HVTT) Forum