VanJee Technology focuses on Intelligent Transport System (ITS) which includes traffic solution and traffic products. VanJee has four major product lines: 1.Weigh-In-Motion, 2. LiDAR 3. Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), 4. V2X. Additionally, VanJee is a publicly traded company at Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE:300552). VanJee Technology headquarter is located at Beijing ZhongGuanCun software park which known as the Chinese Silicon Valley because the best Chinese high-tech companies and several global companies are located here. VanJee has 9 local branches and 32 technical service centers cover all over China to provide best and most efficient technical support for clients. VanJee has made great efforts and dedication in Weigh-In-Motion industry for 25 years and has achieve the largest market share in China. VanJee has distributed more than 16 thousand WIM equipment to the industry as well as has obtained more than 100 intellectual property rights in the WIM industry.
VanJee provides the advanced Weigh-In-Motion system including High-Speed WIM System and Low-System WIM System. Most importantly, VanJee launched the first WIM Direct Enforcement System in China which integrated high speed digital strain gauge sensor, LiDAR, ANPR, VMS to datalogger. As a result, traffic authority and road operator would regulate overloaded trucks more efficiently.


VanJee designs the bar weighing sensor base on stain gauge technology and develop specific interleaving sensor layout in WIM system to meet the weight enforcement accuracy requirement with ±2.5%. First of all, VanJee bar weighing sensor elastomer is only 3cm which means the sensor has small pressure area and has less amount of shape changing. Therefore, VanJee bar weighing sensor has the great competitive advantage in durability and lifespan. The sensor is not limit by roadway lanes width and it is flexible to install in any road position.


VanJee WIM Direct Enforcement System is to regulate overloading truck in free flow situation with the speed 0-130 km/h. This all-inclusive WIM Direct enforcement solution includes high-speed weigh-in-motion system, LiDAR, ANPR, the traffic video monitoring system and WIM data management platform. This system collects not only accurate truck weight data but also the complete chain of legal evidence to perform weight enforcement. The front part of the system (the weighing system and LiDAR system) would collect and update real-time traffic data including axle weights, gross vehicle weights, axle number, axle distance, single or dual tire, date and time, location, plate number, speed, vehicle driving direction to the platform. Based on these data, the platform can automatically determine whether truck is overloaded or not. Up to 2018 March, VanJee has finished 201 lanes for WIM direct enforcements system.
More importantly, if driver has dissent on the penalty, the platform can provide overloading truck short video to assist a tribunal’s judgement. Furthermore, VanJee has connected the most local weighing station database to the platform to achieve WIM big data service. The enforcement officer would search the specific plate number and violation records to improve enforcement efficiency. Additionally, the platform would also generate blacklist for trucks which has too many violation records. In conclusion, WIM direct enforcement would improve enforcement efficiency and justice as well as improve traffic efficiency.



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