Traffic Data Systems (TDS) is one of the world’s most innovative developers and manufacturers of high-end traffic monitoring systems and is the first and currently only manufacturer who can deliver an OIML R134 certified low and high speed weigh in motion system for enforcement and tolling applications.

The company is based in Hamburg, Germany and is a technology and market leader in the fields of dynamic axle-load scales (WIM), vehicle and bicycle classification systems as well as systems for measuring and processing environmental data (RWIS).


The WIM-DSP 32 system with PSHC (Piezo Sensor Health Care) was introduced in spring 2016 and has been certified by METAS according to the OIML R134-1 standard between Mai and August 2016. Traffic Data Systems is the world’s first and only manufacturer capable of providing an OIML-R134-1 certified low-speed and high-speed Weigh-In-Motion system with only 3 rows of OIML-certified Lineas sensors for a speed range of 5 km/h to 120 km/h for heavy goods vehicles and for 5 km/h to 140 km/h for light goods vehicles (temperature range: -30°C/+75°C with a relative humidity of up to 85%). For Switzerland the system also has a type approval.

Accuracies of ±5% (initial verification) and ±10% (in-service inspection) respectively in accordance with OIML R134 have been achieved. Traffic Data Systems points out that although these results appear at first glance to be less accurate than those of most competitors, these have not been tested in accordance with OIML R134, and certainly not in the speed range between 5 km/h and 140 km/h.

For customers, the OIML certificate is a sign of quality at the highest level. Traffic Data Systems has already obtained type approval for Switzerland (CH-W7-17844-00). Only documents of this kind are accepted by local government authorities for calibrating WIM systems before they can be used for enforcement (WIM-E) or tolling (WIM-T).


  • Fully automated (24/7) low and high speed overload enforcement (WIM-E)
  • Weight based low and high speed road charge/tolling systems (WIM-T)
  • Preselection (WIM-P)
  • Statistics (WIM-S)
  • Pavement engineering
  • Bridge engineering/screening


Currently Europe is the main market for TDS weigh-in-motion systems. Systems have been delivered and installed in Germany, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Customers for weigh in motion systems are national and international Road Authorities, Road Opeartors, Federal Highway Research Institutes and Industry.


Notkestrasse 13
22607 Hamburg, Germany

Florian WEISS

+49 40 5280 090