The RTS GmbH is an independent consulting and engineering company. The wide scope of performances in international consulting and engineering and further supplies can be offered out of 25 years experiences and operation in international project management, research, tendering, testing and supervision world wide. The knowledge concerning modern technologies is the result of diverse research and installation/supervision ITS and traffic telematic as well as special WIM (weigh-in-motion) projects. T


The skills and multiple performances cover:

  • System technology and engineering
  • Project management performance
  • Sensor Design and Signal Processing (WIM, Footprint Force Measurement)
  • Enforcement System Design
  • Consulting and support for public administrations, private companies and industry.


The key issues of the wide scope of performances in consulting and engineering are:

Definition of objectives and related requirements for systems, elaboration of tender documents, support for creating standards and guidelines including final agreements, preparation of technology- and system studies, project management and reporting, overhead for installations and infrastructure, system installations, elaboration of reports and technical documentation, system evaluation as base for decisions, measuring data evaluations, support for technical expert groups and international projects, elaboration of material for presentation and reports, support during preparation and execution of conferences.


  • Over 30 years experiences in traffic systems with projects for industry and administrations
  • Evaluation of proposals and Review of R&D projects for Road Authorities around the world
  • Profound experience in Road protection and WIM, Supervision and Enforcement and Tolling

Höhenring 15
8052 Zürich
, Switzerland


+41 78 654 8668