Founded in 2001, OSMOS Group was a pioneer in structure monitoring engineering. Its proprietary technology is based on a unique use of fiber optics and enables extremely early assessment of the condition of all types of structures. This enables OSMOS to process both vehicle weights and the corresponding structural behaviour using those same deformation sensors. The OSMOS WIM+D system is therefore a major innovation in bridge monitoring as it correlates overload measurements and their effect on the structure’s sturdiness.


The fiber optic-based sensors (OSMOS Optical Strands) are laid directly under the bridge’s deck, meaning that there is no need to halt traffic while installing them. The sensors’ installation also has no damaging effect on the road surface and they are not damaged when the road needs to be resurfaced periodically. The sensors are used to measure the deformation caused by the passage of vehicles.

The algorithms developed by OSMOS’ teams enable the accurate assessment of the heavy vehicle’s total weight and axle weight. The original approach of OSMOS’s WIM+D lies in its ability to link the assessed overloaded vehicles to their impact on the structural fatigue of the structure. Bridge managers can access unique information useful for decision making, ensuring safety and reducing operating costs.

The real-time cameras installed on-site further enrich the monitoring process and are able to record the license plate numbers of any vehicles that cause significant dynamic events.



OSMOS Weigh-in-Motion + Deformation:

  • Quick installation of sensors with no traffic interruption or road surface damage
  • Real-time assessment of total heavy vehicle weight
  • Identification of axle number and loads borne by each axle
  • Detection of abnormal overloads with a view to potential preselection
  • Alerts in the event of overload and/or structural anomalies
  • Optimized maintenance scheduling and budget control
  • Simplified asset management via SAFE, our dedicated control interface


Having worked on over a thousand structures and with an international reputation for expertise, OSMOS is a key player in the Structural Health Monitoring sector, namely for civil engineering and high traffic structure behavior monitoring. With WIM+D, bridge managers can have a comprehensive monitoring tool that is currently in use in several countries.


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