Kistler is the global market leader for dynamic measurement technology. Cutting-edge technologies provide the basis for Kistler’s modular systems and services. Customers in industry, research, and development benefit from Kistler’s experience as a development partner, enabling them to optimize their products and processes so as to secure sustainable competitive edge.

The Kistler Group is an independent, owner-managed Swiss corporation. Some 2 200 employees at 60 facilities worldwide are dedicated to the development of new measurement solutions, backed by individual application-specific support at the local level. Ever since Kistler was founded in 1959, the company has grown hand-in-hand with its customers. In 2019, it posted revenue of USD 469 million, about 7% of which is reinvested in innovation and research – with the aim of delivering better results for every customer.

Products and Solutions

The advanced and certified Weigh In Motion (WIM) systems from Kistler collect and process traffic data without impact to traffic flow. KiTraffic and its Lineas quartz sensors reach an accuracy of up to 2.5 % GVW and feature an extremely high lifetime. The measurement technology experts’ portfolio includes comprehensive measurement systems that range from sensors to software. Reliable data on traffic volume, axle load and total weight facilitate the identification of overloaded vehicles, thus helping to reliably protect road infrastructure, increase road safety and effectively charge traffic originators. Additional services, such as Site Selection and calibration, round off the Weigh In Motion (WIM) system portfolio from Kistler.

KiTraffic Statistics

The Weigh In Motion (WIM) system KiTraffic Statistics from Kistler is the ideal choice for automated real-time traffic data collection. The compact system consists of a WIM data logger, sensors and pre-wired components that can be installed in all road surfaces quickly and easily. The Lineas Compact subsurface quartz sensors are installed 20 mm below the road surface which has the advantage of a long sensor life and precise traffic data collection.

Reliable and accurate measurement of vehicle loads. Enrich count & classify data with weight information. Increased service life thanks to the unique Lineas Compact sub-surface sensor, which is installed below the road surfaceEasy installation in all road surfaces. Maintenance-free, even during long-term usage Quick and easy to install thanks to pre-wired system components. Simple integration into existing ITS solutions. Compliant with COST 323 & ASTM E1318-09

KiTraffic Plus

Accurate and reliable weighing of vehicles at any speed with an accuracy of up to 2.5% GVW Scalable for monitoring any number of lanes. Unique quartz technology for excellent sensor stability and durability. Fully automated identification of overloaded vehiclesEasy integration into existing control systems. OIML-R-134 certified and compliant with COST 323 & ASTM E1218-09

KiTraffic Digital

The all-new Weigh In Motion (WIM) solution from Kistler, delivers unprecedented levels of precision and usability. Based on advanced system architecture which enables calibration of every single quartz in the sensor, KiTraffic Digital delivers highly accurate results – regardless of the vehicle’s actual position. With measuring accuracy of up to ± 2% and many additional benefits, the new Weigh In Motion system from Kistler delivers the performance that operators need for comfortable control of traffic on their roads. KiTraffic Digital was designed to measure free-flow traffic with maximum reliability, and it can even detect double, underinflated or flat tires on trucks.

Weigh In Motion Services

Our portfolio of Weigh In Motion (WIM) Services includes a comprehensive package of added-value services in order to achieve maximum performance for your Kistler Weigh In Motion (WIM) solution. Make use of several options to further enhance WIM usage and lifetime.

  • Structural road analysis
  • Installation training
  • Calibration
  • Warranty Extensions



  • Weight Enforcement
  • Tolling / Toll Collection
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Industrial Weigh-In-Motion
  • Bridge Protection / Engineering
  • Port Authorities
  • Railway / Ship Loading Stations


The high accuracy and stability, easy installation and no maintenance provide low costs of ownership. Such key features allowed the Lineas sensor to establish as leading technology and to succeed in all these applications and in many markets worldwide. Our Lineas sensors are used in all continents, particularly in Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and Africa.


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