iWIM founded in 2011, is a company based in Trento, Italy, which has developed, certified and approved the first weigh in motion system in the Country. The system is OIML R134 certified and marketed under the BISON brand. Our aim? Road safety first. Roads, viaducts and bridges must always be in good condition and must also be safeguarded over the years by monitoring the passage of heavy vehicles, for this reason we create systems designed to last.


The Weigh In Motion (WIM) system BISON is composed of 2 stainless steel bending plates equipped with fiber optic sensors connected to a data logger. The bending plates are installed flush with the road surface and can be placed on urban and suburban roads, motorways / highways, bridge and toll booths. The data acquisition unit (data logger), processes, and stores all information collected in a database. All the transit information is made available to the user through a web interface easily accessible from every device.

  • Approved by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development
  • Calibration only every 2 years
  • High durability and reduced maintenance
  • Easy movement of the system to a new installation site
  • Re-use of bending plates in case of maintenance work on the road surface
  • Insensible to temperature variations
  • Datalogger can be installed even at long distances (up to 10 km) without the measurement being affected
  • No electric cable or electronic device under the bending plates
  • Immunity to electromagnetic fields
  • Works even in extreme conditions (snow or mud)


BISON, in addition to the weight, is able to supply the following data without additional devices:

  • Gross vehicle weight (GVW)
  • Transit speed
  • Vehicle counting and classification
  • Number of axles
  • Single wheel weight
  • Axle spacing
  • Axle width
  • Vehicle length
  • Twinned wheels
  • Alert transit out of one bending plate


Specific references are available on request.

Via Kufstein 1,
38121 Trento, Italy

Luca Trainotti

+39 461 1636636