Excel Technology Co P/L (ETC) is an innovative Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) company that designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes global solutions for precise road network analysis.

Founded in 1989, the company has undergone several strategic transitions to include research & development, manufacturing, and distribution. Providing a wide range of ITS solutions, we have products and services represented across all of Australia, and globally in the Gulf and Middle East, Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Turkey, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

ETC is AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 compliant and distributes the only STREAMS-certified traffic radar sensors in Australia.


Excel Technology’s weigh-in-motion solutions are based our highly regarded XL-1000 platform.  This versatile platform allows for multiple functions to be delivered via a single configurable unit, available in a 19-inch rack-mount chassis.  Features include high-accuracy weigh-in-motion, axle-based classification, presence detection and incident detection.  The XL-1000 can be configured with multiple communications options, contact closure outputs, and a selection of AC and DC power supplies.  The XL-1000 is targeted as a single hardware solution for comprehensive vehicle detection, classification and weighing.

Excel Technology Co products have proven integration with traffic management systems around the globe.  We provide training and support services for our product range, which also includes solutions for portable and non-invasive vehicle detection applications as per below:

  • XL-1000-W – High-speed weigh-in-motion using in-pavement piezoelectric sensors and inductive loops (inductive loop & Class 1 piezo). The XL1000-W uses inductive loop and piezoelectric sensors to calculate individual axle weight, axle group weight and gross vehicle weight at speeds between 60kph and 120kph. It is capable of classifying vehicles based on length and axle configuration according to Austroads 4 and 12 bin schemes, respectively.
  • XL-1000-I – Incident detection and length-based classification using in-pavement inductive loops. It can be configured with up to 17 contact closure outputs for interfacing with PLC equipment. The XL1000-I is also capable of classifying vehicles based on length according to the Austroads 4 bin scheme.
  • XL-1000-C – Axle and length-based classification using in-pavement piezo-electric sensors and inductive loops. The XL-1000-C is also capable of classifying vehicles based on length and axle configuration according to Austroads 4 and 12 bin schemes, respectively.
  • XL-1000-P – Instantaneous parking bay presence detection using in-pavement inductive loops. It is a 19″ rack-mountable vehicle presence detector capable of monitoring up to 32 parking bays using in-pavement inductive loops or up to 16 large truck parking bays when using two loops per bay (typical truck parking bay dimensions of 30m x 6m using two 10m x 4m inductive loops).
  • XL-5700 Counter/Classifier – Low power remote vehicle logging using in-pavement piezo-electric sensors and inductive loops. Can provide length/axle-based classification with 4G connectivity. It Is capable of monitoring up to 4 lanes of traffic using in-pavement inductive loops and piezo electric sensors.
  • XL-CCC – Standalone Loop-based Detector. The XL-CCC is a din-rail mountable contact-closure unit with provision for 4-loop I/Os. Multiple units can be ‘daisy-chained’ to provide for 8-loop capability.
  • Radar Traffic Sensors. Our high-definition dual-beam and multi-beam radar sensors are proven to offer the most accurate and reliable detection for even greater roadway efficiency of freeway, arterial and intersection monitoring. As the only STREAMS-certified radars available in Australia, you can be assured of verified compatibility with Transmax’s integrated control platform.
  • ANPR/LNPR, Container Number Tracking and Speed Enforcement cameras.  Excel Technology Co are an authorised reseller of the Adaptive Technology VIDAR range of smart cameras.  With on-board automatic number plate recognition, self-setup, self-diagnostics, automatic vehicle capture and speed detection (S1 range); our ANPR cameras can be used as a stand-alone device for advanced vehicle monitoring or may form part of a smart traffic monitoring solution when used in conjunction with the XL-1000 series vehicle detection platform.
  • PTC-1000 – Portable Traffic Control Device. The PTC-1000 Trailer Mounted Portable Signal units combine a smaller footprint than other products, advantageous for sites with limited access, ease of towing, and positioning.
  • LTM-2000 – Test meter, single-loop.  The LTM-2000 is our second-generation rugged and portable field instrument for in-pavement loop analysis and qualification.
  • PTM-1000 – Test meter, single piezo.  Our PTM-1000 field test meter is purpose-built to evaluate and qualify in-pavement piezoelectric sensor performance.


  • Predictive road maintenance
  • Traffic planning
  • Weigh-bridge pre-selection for load enforcement
  • Vehicle data collection
  • Protection for bridges and other assets
  • Incident detection
  • Oversize detection
  • Ramp metering
  • Parking bay occupancy detection
  • Rural and remote traffic monitoring.


Excel Technology Co has provided ITS Solutions throughout Australia and world-wide since 1989.  For an overview of some of our projects, please see https://www.exceltech.com.au/project-listings.

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