CAMEA is the leader in WIM Direct Enforcement. Since 1995, it has been on a mission to introduce cutting-edge products (first video-detection based Red Light Enforcement System, first Weigh-In-Motion certified for Direct Enforcement and others) and to continuously improve them. After 25 years of existence, the company still stays strongly R&D oriented (40 % of employees in development), with a goal to provide customers with unique solutions satisfying specific individual needs both in intelligent transportation and visual inspection in industry.


After having the first Weigh-In-Motion in the world certified for Direct Enforcement in 2013, CAMEA has continued introducing additional unique features of the solution. Currently used electronics are fully scalable, independent on sensor technology and perform SW-defined free-flow measurement, recently tested in the field by an independent authority.

– Speed and dimension enforcement
together with weight enforcement,
– Wide range of recognized classes,
– Sensor-technology independence,– Multiple classification schemes,
– Measuring between lanes,– Advanced validation process,
– Measuring in both directions,– Centralized remote diagnostics,
– Dual tire detection,– Central data server support,


CAMEA provides a full portfolio of systems within a traffic counting and classifying platform, ranging from simple traffic counters to more complex and accurate solutions – WIM for statistics collection, pre-selection and direct enforcement.


1000 + traffic lanes on 4 continents have been equipped with CAMEA systems. The Weigh-In-Motion has been deployed across environments and cultures, mostly as a turn-key solution. In Kenya, it is used for pre-selection. Positive effects of the road protection can already be observed, as well as traffic fluency improved. In Russian Federation, a unique combination of enforcement systems is being implemented on roads, with CAMEA providing technology to enforce weight, speed and dimensions of passing vehicles. A network of such WIM stations is being built on a regional and on a national level. CAMEA also provides its components to other vendors to be a part of various ITS projects around the world.

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