APM PRO has many years of experience in modern solutions for weighing vehicles in traffic. We have created solutions which allow weighing vehicles at high speeds for a variety of purposes. We detect violations beyond the acceptable norms and provide data that helps to effectively protect infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) and increase the level of road safety.


Our solutions significantly contribute to reducing the degradation of road infrastructure, improving traffic flow and positively impacting safety by enabling the elimination of overloaded vehicles from traffic. The authorities controlling the vehicles can analyse the data provided by the system via a web browser or a mobile application. Anywhere, anytime – vehicle data is always available.


The WIM Pro 3.0 system is a state-of-the-art solution for weighing vehicles in motion at high speeds. The basic configuration provides statistical traffic data. Enhanced with ANPR cameras, it allows the pre-selection of vehicles that exceed acceptable standards, in particular vehicle weight and axle load. In combination with VMS, it creates a system that directs vehicles exceeding the limit to a parking area.

intelligent WIM (iWIM)

The iWIM data logger enables acquisition and processing signals from wheels load and inductive loop sensors. The logger is designed to operate with strain gauges and piezoelectric WIM sensors. The solution enables the detection of dual tires and wheels width estimation. The iWIM data logger can be a separate device or it can be integrated with the WIM Pro system. The iWIM data logger can be integrated with meteorological systems and road condition sensors.


APM WIM soultion were developed with a focus on the highest possible reliability and measurement accuracy, even for a large number of lanes, and can be integrated with other ITS systems. WIM Pro functions as:

  • Statistical system
  • Overload vehicle preselection system
  • Direct enforcement


We have WIM installations in Poland and the Middle East. References are available upon request.

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